Literature PDF file Product Downloads

A wide range of literature containing information on various Brown & Holmes products and services, as well as certification details, is available below.  Simply click on the links to view or download.  If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact us on 01827 63591 or email us at

FRESMAK Arnold Vices
Fresmak Arnold Catalogue view |download
Universal Ball Lok Chuck view |download
2BLN view |download
EM+D Precision Mandrels view |download
FNC Power Chucks view |download
F+ Manual Chucks view |download
KT Power Chucks view |download
PSA Independent Chucks view |download
QLC Power Chucks view |download
Gripping Force Meter view |download
OmniGrip 2 view |download
Brown and Holmes
Capacity List view |download
Brown and Holmes Brochure view |download
TFA Alfa
TFA Summary view |download
Mytec Brochure view |download
Precision Power Chuck KCHP | VKCHP view |download
Compensating chuck OVEKA | KA view |download
High-Precision Tool Grind Chuck TGCP0 view |download
Precision Diaphragm Chuck VMCHP view |download
Tsudakoma Brochure view |download
Policy & Certificates
Policy Statement view |download
ISO9001 view |download
ISO14001 view |download
OHSAS18001 view |download